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Dec 12 - 17, 2023

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imperfect by pop trivia

Answer & Win

Join us for a week of celebration and empowerment with Imperfect by Pop Trivia starting tonight until Sunday, December 17th! 📆🎁

How to Play:

🌟 Everyday, we'll post a trivia question about the incredible journey of our CEO, Jeyden "Pop" Gomez.

🌟 Comment your answers for a chance to WIN a 30% DISCOUNT COUPON! 🎉

Get Ready to Embrace Imperfection:

👉 Follow our page so you don't miss any trivia!

👉 Set your notifications to be the first to respond.

👉 Invite your friends to join the fun!

Why Participate?

🌈 Celebrate the uniqueness of Pop's story.

🌟 Learn more about Imperfect by Pop's inspiring movement.

🎁 WIN exclusive discounts for Imperfect by Pop merchandise!

Imperfect by Pop is more than a brand; it's a celebration of individuality! 💙💛

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