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Pop's Phraseology

Yes ,pop has his own phrases that he uses on a daily basis. So one day we are over a relatives' house and pop is talking his talk. I say to our cousin Pop is going to have to learn how to speak better and he turns to me and says, "No ,we are going to have to learn how and what pop is saying to us. Sometimes, we think that our language has to be learned by people with special needs but no in turn we need to learn their language because this is how they communicate. So, on that day, I started paying more attention to what pop is saying as oppose to trying to make him change how he communicates with us. So now this inspires him to talk and want to communicate more versus him shutting down because it is difficult for him to try and speak like us. In school, they were trying to teach him sign language, but he was not receptive to it because he wanted to talk how he talks at home with us. So, the teachers had to learn how to understand how pop communicates in his language.



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